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AcademyOn is a new open-access peer-reviewed video-journal that will publish video-articles of scientific event comunications and thesis defenses, in all scientific domains.

AcademyOn recognises the value of the peer reviewer in contributing to the credibility and reputation of the our journal. The selection of experts is therefore critical to ensure a timely and productive peer-review process.

AcademyOn operates a double-blind peer-review process to maintain anonymity among authors and reviewers. All reviews will be completed online.

We invite all members of the scientific community to become involved as reviewers and associate editors of the video-journal.

Minimum requirements for associate editors include:

  • A higher degree (e.g. PhD)
  • An academic function at the university
  • At least 2 peer-reviewed journal publications
  • A high level of interest and expertise in its own scientific area
  • An ability to be objective, fair and insightful in evaluating scientific lectures in its own scientific area
  • Willingness to screen submitted video in a timely fashion to determine suitability for peer-review
  • E-mail and internet access.

Minimum requirements for reviewers include:

  • A higher degree (e.g. PhD)
  • An academic function at the university
  • At least 2 peer-reviewed journal publications
  • The ability to be objective, fair and insightful in evaluating scientific lectures
  • Willingness to turn reviews around quickly (within 10 working days)
  • E-mail and internet access.

If you are interested in joining as associate editor or reviewer, please submit the form below with the required documents. If you have a colleague who may enjoy serving on our volunteer Editorial Review Board, please feel free to forward this information. Members of the Editorial Board will be listed each year on the journal website.

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